June 2020 Wrap Up

This year, I hated June. Wanted to rip this month’s page off of the calendar and pretend it never existed. Sometimes, I would wake up and think that that it was just a bad dream. That everything was okay. But then I realized that all of my calendars are digital and it’s not possible to delete a whole month. I struggled through June, friends. I struggled personally and professionally and every way in between. There were some happy moments. Moments wherein friends opened up and out and grew and soared, and I loved those moments. I will cherish them. But this year, the weather broke and so did my home and I’m still recovering. Bare with me, please. I managed to finish 5 books. I may not remember all of them, but I’m still putting that in the win column.

This is the month in which I started Red Rising by Pearce Brown and loved it. Although kinda predictable, this one was incredibly enjoyable. I really connected with the characters and holy moly was not prepared for some deaths. I plan to continue with this series as soon as I can. 4.5/5 stars.

I also started a re-read of the Throne of Glass series because I would really like to finish this series this year. The second read through, I’ve found some foreshadowing of later books (I’ve only read through book 4) and I can’t wait to actually finish this one. The familiarity of the characters and plot was a nice addition to this turbulent month. 4/5 for the series so far.

Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark was a surreal read for the month half of my house decided to break. We had a flood, which ruined the upstairs floor, the main floor’s ceiling, and a whole bunch in between. Pretty on par for a book about a haunted house that occasionally falls apart.

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And then I needed something light. I needed something quick that would make me laugh, and I picked up Parental Guidance because it was super cheap on Kindle. Parental Guidance did the trick.

This month, I picked up and put down a whole bunch, and I also watched a ton of TV. Schitt’s Creek and Good Witch brought me light to an otherwise shit month. And, watching Love, Victor with friends was the pick-me-up I desperately needed. I am glad this month is over. I’m ready for the next calendar page.

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